TreasureIslandMedia – Breeding Marcus Isaacs (HD)

Director: Max Sohl
Language: English
Studio:Treasure Island
Actors:Flynn Evans, Erik Grant, Antonio Biaggi, Rafael Carreras, CutlerX, Ray Dalton, Shane Frost, Adam Russo, Tony Bishop, Billy Blanco, Sam Bridle, Drew Dangerous, Sean Parker, Jin Powers, Jax Pratt, Champ Robinson, Paul Steele, Jason Stryker, Luke Thomas, Rob Yaeger

Following in the footsteps of Mike O’Neill, Billy Wild, Dawson, Christian and Ian Jay, Marcus Isaacs joins the upper echelon of Treasure Island Media’s elite corps of cum insatiable power bottoms! Along the way Isaacs was filmed with the incredible Australian horndog Flynn Evans, Erik Grant, Antonio Biaggi, Rafael Carreras, Ray Dalton, CutlerX, Adam Russo, Shane Frost, Sean Parker, Champ Robinson, Rob Yaeger and so many more!

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