More Than Friends (NextDoorStudios)

More Than Friends

With the summer fast approaching, college buds Michael Del Ray and Luke Reed squander time in Luke’s home and discuss their own future. Both men are thinking of different faculty paths, however, the ultimate fantasy is for them to venture out into the islands to simply surf the afternoon off. Smiling at the idea, Michael tells Luke he has a fairly nasty harm in the series another day and asks Luke for a few of the famous massages. Luke agrees and starts to operate on Michael’s shoulder. As he leans into it,” Michael feels that a protruding bulge in Luke’s trousers, and he moans, inquiring Luke if he is hard. Luke is embarrassed and tries to play with off it, but Michael is reaching out for him bringing his face in closer. They kiss on the couch and immediately make their way into Luke’s bedroom. When there, Michael begs his cock since Luke takes it in his own mouth hungrily. He also gobbles up Michael’s tough on and punishes him to place him. Michael obliges, piercing Luke’s gap with his colossal penis, slipping it in and out of Luke’s hole. Picking up the tempo, he starts to fuck Luke tougher and tougher, and Luke enjoys every second of it. Michael flips Luke over on his knees and hands and fucks Luke doggystyle because he gets closed. With one final hard drive, he is prepared to nutso that he pulls out and blasts Luke’s buttocks with his load, then spraying his jizz around Luke’s rear, he then moves Luke and starts to suck him off. Luke punishes his nut around Micheal’s face, covering him with his load because the both of them laugh and agree that this must become a part of their upcoming strategy.


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