Full Movie – FalconStudios – Deep South. The big, and the easy. Part I

Release Year: 2002
Studio: Falcon Studios
Cast: Josh Weston, Tom Chase, Race Jensen, Derek Cameron, Clay Maverick, Jeremy Jordan, Jason Hawke, Vince Ditonno, Chad Hunt, Chris Steele, Jason Tyler, Tommy Brandt, Adam Wolfe, Sky Donovan, Sebastian Cole, Aaron Parker
Private dick Josh Weston is lured to the Big Easy in Deep South: The Big and the Easy Part 1 to investigate the disappearance of a Senator’s son. Hot on the trail, Josh gives in to the spicy temptations of Southern Decadence and debauches himself spectacularly.

Before heading towards bayou country, Josh has a quick, passionate romp with his Latino boyfriend Vince Ditonno. Voracious rim chewing and deep-suction cock-swallowing ensue, as does the butt plowing. Both muscular hotties have terrific chemistry together. Yummiest image: milky-skinned firebox Josh blows a creamy hands-free load while bare-humping Vince’s furry ass crevasse.

Once in town, Josh reacquaints himself with longtime buddy and secret flame Jack Ryan. We learn that the missing Senator’s son is Jeremy Jordan, and we flashback to a jaw-droppingly glorious orgy for which Jeremy served as common bitch boy.

The orgy begins with one of the hottest entrances ever captured in porn: horse-hung Chad Hunt walks through a doorway and enters the frame, but his rigid, bobbing boner precedes him by the better part of a foot. Tasty Adam Wolfe enters all ripped and sweaty and performs the colossal feat of deepthroating Chad’s enormous anaconda.

Suddenly, six-way. Four more muscled frat boy types enter the hall, big+thick cocks blazing, plump+heavy nuts swinging. Jeremy enters and eagerly, feverishly sucks and gobbles every stiff dick in a row. It’s a smorgasbord of sucked schlong! Then each stud present takes a spitting tongue-jab at Jeremy’s baby-smooth mangina, in preparations for his rough ride on Chad’s oversized tool. The Senator’s son winds up splattered and drenched by jets and streams of hot, pearly boy juice.

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