Full Movie – All Worlds C1R – Blond Leading The Blond

Doug Jeffries is back behind the camera into his seducer Blond directing the Blond. Nine platinum blonde studs, such as Tyler Riggz, Benjamin Bradley and In his movie introduction Josh Vaughn, demonstrate in four steamy situations how Blonds do really have more pleasure.
That the towel-clad Brett and direct him into a shower in which the seduction begins. Giving up his bum for a tricky fucking.Scenario 2: Mike is Watching Adam playing pool, however it is the rod in Mike’s trousers that gets Adam’s interest. All it requires is just one smoldering appearance from Adam to direct Mike into the pool table, where these 2 blonds strip to show off Their hot sexy bodies.Scenario Three: Mike functions Adam over To find hot and thick they grab Rod Berry spying on them. Both start Putting on a show for Rod and also more than a nod in Matthew, Rod joins in the pleasure working over Ryann’s muscular buttocks and teasing it Together with his fingers and tongue. Finally Rod sinks his dick deep within Ryann then Matthew gets in the midst of things when the 3 studs Type a fuck train. At the end Rod provides a cum shot which sprays down Both of those sexy bottoms he simply fucked.Scenario Four: Josh and Benjamin have a deco area along with also the attraction between Both of These burns Up the monitor. Benjamin’s drawstring trousers and they drop to the ground showing his hard cock. Turns fucking one another till they’ve spilled their creamy loads.

1. Tyler Riggz, Brett Mathews
2. Mike Power, Adam Faust
3. Rod Barry, Matthew Mayfair, Ryann Wood
4. Josh Vaughn, Benjamin Bradley

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