Folsom Maneuvers (TitanMen)

Folsom Maneuvers

Are you man enough to the assignment? Your mission… to take part in certain visible outside maneuvers at Folsom Maneuvers, in TitanMen’s award line of co-branded Folsom movies. The motto would be”go hard or go home” for eight officers headed by Tony Buff,” Dean Flynn, and May Parker, that load their firearms, take aim and allow the bullets fly into some combustible penis battle. Folsom Maneuvers is calling… do you really have what it takes? Unaware he’s being viewed in the forests, Officer Adam Knox carries a rest from his menial job and whips his tight slab. He begins to strokebringing a grin to gun-toting voyeur Tony Buff, that awakened behind his friend and fires a saliva bomb. The wad is a welcome diversion. Knox turns out and is greeted with Buff’s enormous shaft standing . Knox goes for the kill, then diving for a profound suck which has his very own dick throbbing in enthusiasm. Buff heats up things by spitting back on his pleaser, whose specialist attention receives the competitive hunk breathing tougher. Buff returns the favour, engulfing his fellow officer’s balls and cock. Buff packs Knox again, catching him from the dog tags and pulling him closer to lick at him . Following Knox lets a load, then Buff marks his territory by pissing around his eager-to-please underling, soaking his face and shirt.

Adam Knox, Dean Flynn, Gio Forte, JR Matthews, Ryan Russell, Tony Buff, Tyler Saint, Will Parker

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