Elder Sorensen: Chapters 1-5 (MormonBoyz)

Elder Sorensen: Chapters 1-5

Elder Sorensen is just one of the finer specimens of man youth, along with The Order has excellent plans for your boy. . .assuming he could successfully pass during the rites which can test his loyalty. And for almost any boy that would like to get the greater priesthood, he has to prove himself worthy to enter into the covenants required to join The purchase. Elder Sorensen has shown that he’s in perfect physical condition, he’s good natured, he’s exceptionally tender toward his priesthood brethren, and he’s totally obedient to power. Hence he’s been encouraged experience the initiation rituals which evaluate an boy’s candidacy for Ordination.

Elder Sorensen, Elder Stewart, Elder Miller, Bishop Angus

scrin_Elder Sorensen: Chapters 1-5

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