Duty Bound 49 (Str8Hell, WilliamHiggins)

Duty Bound 49

Romi Zuska and Martin Polnak are appreciating a few porn and wanking with one another. Romi leaves Martin wanking because he goes to make some green tea. A hooded Nikol Monak creeps to the flat and defeats Romi and does the exact same to Martin. This enables one to strip, tie and gag every one of those men. Martin fights to free himself because he’s gagged and his nipples are clamped. He gets Romi suck Martin’s cock, shoving his head down . Nikol pulls the eyebrow making Martin moan as Romi begins suckingon. He then moves Martin on his knees and then places Romi so he can fuck this ass. And fuck it does, but that is not all. Peter Lipnik is gagged and shacked at a crate when Rosta Benecky seems. Rosta’s enormous penis is outside of his trousers and is currently tough as he opens the crate goes in and begins to sense Peter’s hot ass. He spreads the lips and begins rimming Peter’s tight hole. Rosta rubs a control on the hole and then pushes it indoors. He then pushes a finger to the hole and then fucks it a bit. He reaches between Peter’s legs and plays with his penis also. The buttocks looks so alluring since Rosta spanks it then stands to rub on his huge cock across the pit. He begins to fuck the ass, slamming his dick deep in the pit. The fucking is hard and quick and Peter yells all of the while as he believes his gap being occupied. Just how much more could he choose? View and see. Jan Bavor is gagged and shackled, along with his chest bared as Ondra Vidim strategies from behind. Ondra reaches around and performs Jan’s nipples. He believes Jan’s enormous muscles prior to going into front and running his hands around that hot chest. He leans down and licks Jan’s nipples as he gropes him. He opens Jan’s jeans and begins hitting his belly. Pulling on the brow Ondra subsequently utilizes clothing pins to a single, and then another. He reaches the panties to spare Jan’s balls and cock. He then shed right down and takes the cock into his mouth. However, it does not end there.

Nikol Monak, Martin Polnak, Romi Zuska, Denny Cock, Rosta Benecky, Peter Lipnik, Jan Bavor
Studio:Str8Hell, WilliamHiggins

scrin_Duty Bound 49

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