Bad Ass Bottoms (JetSetMen)

Bad Ass Bottoms

Who’d believe it? Brad Star, the previously committed and sought-after”shirt” investigates the delight of becoming a self-proclaimed Bad Ass Bottom. He describes as only a”poor bum,” a rough guya stud whose penis bottoms want their butts, on his approach into revealing his”other side” His revelations are interspersed with five sexual scenes where seven sexy men and he demo the”excitement of man-on-man sexual intercourse,” and bottoming especially. This John Bruno led DVD for Jet Collection Men includes the both alluring Jet Collection Exclusive Angel Rock, Seth Haus, also Cliff Jensen because the”Tops”, together with Hunter Vance, Connor Maguire, AJ Irons, Mick Gibson and, yes, Brad Star since the Bad Ass Bottoms.

Brad Star, Angel Rock, Cliff Jensen, A.J. Irons, Mick Gibson, Connor Maguire, Seth Haus, Hunter Vance

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