Anarcocks Pirate Tape 1

Cast: Massimo, Pierce, Harald and Skindog

The ANARCOCKS are two young European punks, sex performers MASSIMO & PIERCE, who have been getting together with their buddies and taping their raw and raunchy sexploits. I’m proud to present this group’s initial porntape, ANARCOCKS: PIRATE TAPE #1.
Although this first effort has a few crudely-shot moments (lighting burn-outs, for example), these tremendously sexy and intense men take you through a complete and artful sex-tour of their passions: lots of bareback fucking, loads shot up the ass, piss-play, toys, fisting, jacking-off, rimming, head-shaving and more.
In Europe, the explicit efforts of the Anarcocks keep being shut down by “authorities” (alias the sex police). I’ve teamed up with them to get their works – visions of unbridled sex and the unbound sex-connections among men – out to their rightful audience.
The video includes a soundtrack composed, recorded and mixed by PIERCE. Those of you who know my work know how cautious I am with soundtracks: the vast majority of porn soundtracks are so bad they ruin the video and the sex. In my opinion, however, this isn’t the case here.
ANARCOCKS: PIRATE TAPE #1 is different, intense, and seriously exploring man-to-man sex in a fresh and creative way, this first dvd release is a must see for sex-pigs everywhere.

Duration: 1h 37mn 5s 328ms Length: 1.06 GiB
Video: MPEG-4 Visual at 1 420 Kbps, 624 x 448
Audio: MPEG Audio at 128 Kbps, 48.0 KHz

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