Zachery Rhys and Christian Matthews (BarebackThatHole)

Zachery Rhys and Christian Matthews

Zachery Rhys throws shade at Christian Matthews. Who would Christian believe he is fooling with this blue cup? Blue cups are for shirts. To establish Christian is much more of a floor, they go in the kitchen, making Silver and Alex have simply reverted. Additionally there, Zachery and Christian locate a large glob of cum onto the counter of this kitchen island. At leastthey think that it’s cum. Christian laps in it and, lo and behold, it’s! Cum, that’s. Which instantly sets him into the mood to get more. Wearing small to start with, both strip and begin making out. Christian gags on Zachery’s large tool before becoming reversed onto his back, on exactly the identical place where they discovered everything that cum. Zachery has to function rimming Christian, priming him filled with spit because he tongue fucks that gap. He is a hungry fucker since he occupies Christian for a long time before operating his raw cock in the scruffy, pierced underside. Both fuck like rabbits — quickly and difficult and mad — till Christian allows loosethe cum fucked from him. Zachery follows a minute after a major load of his very own, spraying that lotion around Christian’s penis, then trapping him together using the previous piece of jizz.

Zachery Rhys , Christian Matthews

scrin_Zachery Rhys and Christian Matthews

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