Wrestling Scene – STR8Hell – Martin vs Adam – WRESTLING

They seem great as they can do some warming up and stretching. Subsequently It’s on with the game. Men get nude for the rest of the match. Bodies as they roll throughout the mats, grappling to acquire a great hold. Both of these men work hard with every gaining some great holds. However, It is Martin who goes into a fantastic lead. They then take a rest to oil each Other around. The game restarts with all the oil which makes it harder To find a fantastic hold. Although Adam Can acquire some rounds it’s Martin who’s victorious. They then settle down to get a wank off. They Additionally wank each other for a brief while. With some reinforcement Adam Then Martin does Exactly the exact same to him. Back into the wanking and Martin immediately shoots his creamy load. Adam retains wanking and shortly dumps his cum also, then they move

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