WilliamHiggins – Roman Olenovic SESSION STILLS

Roman Olenovic is from Geneva, Switzerland. He is aged 28 and is a designer. In his spare time Roman enjoys sports, ice-hockey and fitness. what a great looking guy he is, with his handsome face and great body. In this shoot Roman quickly bares his chest, showing off his powerfully built body. He flexes his biceps before lowering his jeans to show his bulging underwear. As he poses in the underwear we see his huge thighs too. Turning around Roman pulls the underwear up into his ass crack showing his hot ass. Then, as we enjoy his posing he removes the underwear to expose his cock, which is soft. He works through some more great poses to really show that hot body. Reaching back he spreads his ass cheeks to show off his tight hole. Then he turns to the side, with his cock rock hard and pointing skywards. We enjoy some great shots of his beautiful body, with the cock so hard as Roman lays back on the bed pushing the dick forwards. He flexes some more, on the bed, before turning over to give us more of his ass. What a beauty it is too and Roman turns again, laying on his back and lifting his legs to spread the cheeks once more. He finishes with another look at the throbbing cock and then laying on his belly and looking up at the camera. He is one beautiful and very hot guy.

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