WilliamHiggins – Bradley and Mirek RAW – FULL CONTACT – Bradley Cook & Mirek Madl

Bradley Cook and Mirek Madl are resting on the bed, almost falling asleep. Bradley suggest doing something, and his cock seems to be very hard in his shorts. It bobs in his shorts and quickly grabs Mrek’s attention. He begins to run a hand over the throbbing bulge. Then he begins to kiss Bradley’s torso. He reaches in and pulls the cock out of the leg of Bradley’s shorts, kissing the head. He then takes the cock in his mouth and sucks on it. Then Mirek moves up and kisses Bradely before fulling releasing that big cock and going down on it. The fat cock fills his mouth as he sucks it. Bradley’s shorts are removed to give access to his heavy balls too and Mirek eagerly sucks on them as well. Then, with Bradely naked and his legs in the air Mirek rims his tight, hot, hole and continues to work on that big cock. Mirek then gets naked, showing off his own rampant cock as Bradley moves onto his knees, presenting his ass. Mirek’s dick slides deep into the waiting ass and fucks it hard. His cock fucks deep into Bradley’s ass, that hairy ass taking it all the way. Mirek climbs up on that ass as he fucks so deep, with Bradley wanking his own throbbing cock. Then Bradley turns onto his back for Mirek to fuck him missionary style. He wanks himself as he takes Mirek’s dick deep in his hole. Mirek pounds that hole as hard as he can as Bradley’s wanking speeds up. Bradley shoots his hot cum over his belly as Mirek continues to pound his hole. Then Mirek pulls out as he is ready to blow and shoots the hot cum over Bradley. He wanks both cocks together, milking the last of the cum from them and leans over to kiss his buddy after a very hot session.

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