Who’s That Boy – Cade Maddox & Teddy Torres (MEN)

Who's That Boy - Cade Maddox & Teddy Torres

What should you do if you awaken with a hot, dim -haired Cade Maddox on your mattress? Hairy stud Teddy Torres does not recall anything, but he is wide awake and ready to fuck! A sexy 69 equates with muscle Teddy Torres sucking Cade Maddox’s monster penis whilst obtaining his furry friend hole rimmed from the tall and slim hunk. They soon find Cade Maddox was really his roommate one night stand. However Cade is currently dick-deep within Teddy Torres’ bubble ass therefore there is nothing to do but end up this type of significant dick drilling.

Cade Maddox , Teddy Torres

scrin_Who's That Boy - Cade Maddox & Teddy Torres

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