TwinksInShorts – Jeffrey Lloyd, Connor Polo And Lucas Morrison

Connor Polo and Lucas Morrison are hanging out waiting for Jeffrey Lloyd to give them a massage. When the dark haired twink appears — now more of a hunk with all that scruff on his face — Jeffrey wastes little time in getting to work. First up is Lucas, who flips over so Jeffrey could work some magic on his tense, sore and somewhat maimed back. Connor joins in on the fun, caressing Lucas’ hot ass. Soon, both Lucas and Connor have their asses exposed while Jeffrey manhandles the meaty globes. It’s soon a free for all of nice and slow, sensual masturbation. Each sexy hung twinks feel each other up while Jeffrey kneels between them, tenderly stroking big fat uncut cock and playing with their balls. First one, then the other. Jeffrey eventually releases his own thick slab of big, hot twink meat and jerks off with Connor and Lucas. But this is all about touch and the sensation of restraint. It’s about Connor and Lucas, and edging them until they can’t take any more. Jeffrey sits back to watch as first Lucas, then Connor, let loose with hefty loads of jizz, releasing pent-up stress.

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