Trevor Laster, Mason Williams – Ass-ma (NextDoorOriginals)

Trevor Laster, Mason Williams - Ass-ma

Fresh off a jog with no inhaler, Trevor Laster’s asthma is wrapped into and roomie Mason Williams is attempting to calm him down. Rubbing his shouldersMason informs Trevor to take it slowly and breathe because he conducts his hot palms together Trevor’s throat ). Trevor starts to unwind but only as his breath restored, Mason takes away it agian using a kiss on the throat. Trevor has goosebumps because he turns to fulfill Mason’s lips with his own. Mason smiles and inquires Trevor when he believes better. Trevor says he is starting to, also Mason informs him he understands something which will completely loosen him. Stripping off Trevor’s shorts, then he still chooses his cock into his mouth and bends Trevor off, and gradually at first, then moving all of the way into the balls because he deep throats Trevor’s hard dick before bending him and hammering his hole. Mason slides his cock deep to Trevor, fucking him bareback to the couch as Trevor appears over his shoulder. ) Mason provides him a 2nd work out, fucking him over the sofa in each position he needs, eventually fucking the cum from Trevor before pulling out and hammering his pit. Trevor is covered and out of breath, however, thankfully sothis time.Enjoy!

Trevor Laster, Mason Williams

scrin_Trevor Laster, Mason Williams - Ass-ma

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