The Super – Ryan Cruz, Carlos Lindo (RagingStallion)

The Super - Ryan Cruz, Carlos Lindo

Ryan Cruz is doing laundry at his apartment building after he stumbles along a box of dirty magazines. When the coast is clear, Ryan whips his fat dick and begins jacking off into the images of nude guys. When Ryan is thick to it, Carlos Lindo grabs him with his dick in his hands. It is the very best item Carlos Lindo has seen from the laundry area in the years and that he offers to provide Ryan Cruz a supporting hands. Carlos sinks directly to his knees and receives Ryan’s hairy dick inside his mouth. He operates it till he is hard and prepared for Ryan to perform exactly the same. Ryan Cruz thankfully gets down facing Carlos Lindo and opens his mouth wide to support the match stud. After sucking Carlos’ penis, Ryan needs a taste of the firm buttocks. He paths his tongue to taint till Ryan can feel that Carlos is prepared to get his asshole busted open. Ryan Cruz lbs Carlos Lindo, becoming quicker and deeper with every thrust from his match, tight body till the studs change it up one final time Ryan can seem Carlos from the eye. Carlos puts fucked on his own side since the hunks stare down each other with every pump. That is all that it takes to push Ryan within the border. Ryan Cruz pulls out and blasts Carlos Lindo’s encounter with thick principles of hot cum. Together with Ryan’s cock in his mouth left with a sticky mess, Carlos enables loose and covers the ground with his very own giant heap of cum.

Ryan Cruz, Carlos Lindo

scrin_The Super - Ryan Cruz, Carlos Lindo

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