The Super – Blake Hunter & Carlos Lindo (RagingStallion)

The Super - Blake Hunter & Carlos Lindo

‘The Super’,” Riley Mitchel is functioning to the vents into his construction after he stumbles on Carlos Lindo and Blake Hunter nude in bed. Riley watches through the port as he pulls his dick with one hand and strikes album on his mobile phone with another. Blake is starving for cock and gets down Carlos’ open thighs to carry him all of the way down his throat. Carlos is pleased with the reception his penis is becoming but needs more hands. Carlos puts on his knees Blake nonetheless facing him and confront fucks the starving cocksucker. Blake is revved up against the throbbing dick in his neck if he informs Carlos to shoot his turn sucking on his dick. Carlos is pleased to have before the challenging hunk and has to perform polishing his rod. It is a prick -suck frenzy since the 2 studs maintain placing hot mouths on difficult dicks. Blake is up with Carlos implanted deep down his throat Carlos decides to let loose and provide Blake exactly what he desires. Blake chokes the whole load cum Carlos must provide and then stands to return the favour. Carlos puts onto his knees in the front of the prepared -into -burst stud and also begs for the load he is going to get. Blake busts a nut around Carlos’ torso and blossom, leaving the hunky studs fulfilled and drenched in cum.

Blake Hunter , Carlos Lindo

scrin_The Super - Blake Hunter & Carlos Lindo

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