The Real House Husbands of Miami – Episode 2 (Joey Copper, Sean Duran & Jack King)

Joey Copper is the newest member of the “husbands club” and in episode two of the Real House Husbands of Miami, he’s doing his best to cheer up Sean. The two hit the gym in an effort to sweat out the drama, but hot-headed Sean is still feeling slighted by Angel… and threatens to pull out of the annual summer gala the two throw together. When hot stud Jack King crosses their path in the locker room, Joey sees an opportunity to really take Sean’s mind off things. Jack is up for the challenge; when the three horny men end up in a hot threesome at his house, he fucks both at the same time using his cock and a dildo!

Duration: 21mn 33s 815ms Length: 595 MiB
Video: AVC at 3 724 Kbps, 1280 x 720
Audio: AAC at 128 Kbps, 44.1 KHz

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