The Best Possible Plan Manuel Skye, Salvador Mendoza (KristenBjorn)

Salvador Mendoza and Manuel Skye are making plans to hook up, however for some reason it ends up, however now they’ve created the very best possible strategy, no strategy. Things work out perfectly since the men get together and start to delight in each other’s chiseled, muscle tissues. Salvador drops to his knees and carries Manuel’s extended cock to his mouth and starts to worship it. As far as Salvador gags with this large penis, he never quits his efforts to delight Manuel. Flipping Salvador about, Manuel darts his ever-probing tongue in and out of their sexy Columbian’s furry ass. Manuel provides Salvador’s buttocks a comprehensive tongue bath before hoisting him up on the ring and then ramming his throbbing prick deep within his raw, moist ass. At this angle Manuel can go as heavy as he desires and Salvador grins in absolute pleasure as his butt is full of complete joy. Manuel subsequently requires a somewhat acrobatic strategy next because he spreads his thighs that the complete period of the couch back and absorbs Salvador’s meaty penis. Together with his legs spread wide and far Manuel lowers himself on the couch since Salvador enhances his buttocks onto his raging hard-on. Salvador squeezing down his ass deep and hard on that sexy penis and delights himself with each push.

Manuel Skye, Salvador Mendoza

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