Tegan Zayne, Jason Vario Three Wishes (RagingStallion)

Tegan Zayne, Jason Vario Three Wishes

Tegan Zayne is operating from a poor encounter with Seth Santoro’s spell gone wrong. He is ready to get something extreme on the edge of a cliff if he is rescued by Mick stud Jason Vario, that appeared from town. Jason attracts Tegan straight back into his lavish home. The moment they get from the door, thankful Tegan makes it known he would like to suck on his rescuer’s large, hard cock opens his mouth wide to carry the enormous uncut meat down his throat. Tegan eagerly slobbers and gags as Jason tames Tegan’s jaw. The large cock tastes so great Tegan brings out his very own to jack continues eating each inch which Jason can liquefy in his head. After obtaining his cock sucked hard, Jason is prepared to benefit Tegan due to his hard work with a giant creamy match on his face. Jason explodes around Tegan’s blossom, and after he is coated in cum, Tegan can no more hold off. He jacks his pole until he pushes the ground using his own recently pumped jizz. Can Tegan accept Jason’s supply of a greater life just in exchange for sexual monogamy? Can Tegan be in a position to remain loyal if he takes the deal?

Tegan Zayne, Jason Vario

scrin_Tegan Zayne, Jason Vario Three Wishes

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