Taylor Coleman (Helix)

Taylor Coleman

Taylor Coleman is your most peculiar Cali child. This blonde beach bum loves old men, is much more of a floor and also LOVES just a tiny love scar, like bites, scrapes or hickeys! It does not take much coaxing from tasty manager Max Carter to get Coleman to flaunt his hotness. This child is a fairly display pony with hypnotic very good looks. Following a small schlong tease at front, Max gets Taylor to lure us with all his hind end in which a smacking great mini-spank goes right down. Taylor even informs Carter to smack that ass HARDER! When he can turn around, Coleman allows Carter take charge of the penis unveiling. Max reaches the dude’s drawers to pull out this decoration piece so that he could give the new man a welcome convenient. Afterward, Taylor’s tight conclusion is treated to some totally hot ass review from Carter’s yummy specimens. The gorgeous blonde eye fucks the camera AND Carter difficult once on his trunk . Thus, Max is much more than pleased to give a hand here and there. Coming into the home stretch however, Max measures back to catch the gooey glory which erupts in the child’s cock. Seed splashes around Taylor’s tight six pack! Max goes into milk the past luscious drops of fluid dick along with the eye fucking proceeds…. .

Taylor Coleman

scrin_Taylor Coleman

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