Tate & Tanner

Tate and Tanner seemed like a great pairing. At first glance it’s obvious: they both have great bodies, both fit as fuck, and both love having sex. What we really noticed though was Tanner helped to bring the laid back goofy side of Tate out. Tate is usually quiet and reserved and just comes here to get pounded out. “This is the most fun I have had in a while, I guess since it’s so laid back I can relax and just be myself.” Tate said after cracking a few jokes.

“Usually I come here and just be big muscled bottom, today though…I dunno, I’m having a really good fucking time!” Tanner took his time fucking Tate’s huge ass and really bent him over in some fun positions. “His ass is great to fuck!” Tanner said right before he slid deep into Tate.

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