Tanner Unloads On Jon (CorbinFisher)

Tanner Unloads On Jon

This movie was filmed with no usage of condoms. People must be familiar with this material prior to seeing. We might require some subtitles, y’all- it is going to get real South in here … Jon, among my fave Southern men here, takes Tanner, among latest new freshmen who hails from down yonder. It is a pairing which goes together like peanuts and Pepsi! Tanner’s among the very laid men I have ever met – before it comes to fucking! Jon consistently cracks me up if he is here. Last time people joked about ingesting ‘gator beef … just he was not joking! At least now he has to taste a few much better beef – Tanner’s. Jon goes Tanner, sucking on his thick dick. Tanner pushes Jon’s head further onto his penis. Jon rubs Tanner’s amazing pecs because he stinks Tanner. Jon stands upwards thus Tanner will suck on his dick. Tanner functions Jon’s penis, sucking and stroking it. Jon bends, his palms together with the mirror, also Tanner requires a visit south of the edge along with rims Jon’s buttocks. He catches Jon’s bum lips tight because he pushes his tongue to the center of Dixie. Tanner pushes his penis into Jon’s buttocks. At one stage, Tanner is fucking Jon challenging, and he appears with a mischievous smile – that man loves sex! He exercises Jon difficult, sometimes seeing himself at the mirror. Tanner is determined by the mattress along with Jon climbs along with the penis and slides onto it. Tanner yells and pops Jon’s torso as he thrusts him up. Jon lays on the mattress and also Tanner fucks him in the missionary position. He gets Jon take his load over his belly. Tanner keeps on fucking Jon, then pulls out to burst a massive load all of the way up Jon’s torso and face. Now that is what I predict a few great gravy!


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