Sylas (CorbinFisher)


Lean and fine Sylas is really a varsity swimmer who is determined to escape the water and then reveal his finest strokes! Sylas describes herself as a standard “beach butt, livin’ it up while I could.” He is an avid guitar player and states Taylor Swift is his prospective spouse, she simply doesn’t understand it yet. He adores all kinds of outdoor action such as sailing, scuba diving, surfing and snowboarding, along with his sexy, tanned body is evidence of this. Sylas is 18 and just had sex for the very first time lately. Since he likes to dive right into things, it is not surprising he’d leap into getting nude and showing off to your camera shortly after losing his virginity. Sylas pours back and forth strokes his penis. Its clear he loves playing himself because he puts to pumping his penis and massaging his physique. When he is finally ready, he blasts a sticky load of cum all over his belly.



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