Str8Hell – Jan Bavor & Ondra Vidim RAW – DUTY BOUND

Jan Bavor is gagged and shackled, Together with his hot Torso bared as Ondra Ondra reaches Around and plays Jan’s nipples. He feels Jan’s Enormous muscles Prior to Heading to the front and Running his fingers all over that hot chest. Hitting his belly. Pulling the nipples Ondra Subsequently applies clothes Pins to you, and then another. hot body. Then he attaches nipple clamps and pulls them before using His whip on Jan’s body. He reaches in the Tears to free Jan’s Balls and cock. Jan’s Cock becomes really difficult as Ondra sucks it. Then Ondra Discharges Jan and They begin to kiss each other. Ondra’s large, cock. He Requires the fat dick in his mouth it Nicely. Ondra Desires more though and Contains Jan bend over so He Can fuck His warm ass. The fat cock slides deep to Jan’s tight hole and fucks him deep. Jan Likes the deep fucking and turns over for more fucking. Jan keeps Wanking hard and shortly dumps his warm cum on his thigh as Ondra’s dick Is deep inside his butt. Jan milks All of the Lotion from his cock since Ondra Retains fucking him. Afterward Jan, Falls down and wanks that Large, cock until Ondra’s cum is published also.

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