Solo Session – Helix – Ezra Michaels – Boudoir Session

Ezra Michaels is a rare find, the Type of Man you Would see in a Glistening In a Master package’s plush bath, Ezra strips and seductively shows the shower. The sexy hunk puts on one hell of a series, and as the hot Water caresses his penis, so will he. Tattooed, muscled back towards his tight round ass cheeks he spreads And teases with palms. After our filthy boy gets sterile, he determines to Get dirtier. The area is covered in mirrors so that we could see every Angle of Michael’s meat. This super version of male masturbation Plays his smooth balls because he strokes his long, slippery schlong. The Child’s penis is just as stunning as the rest of him large, thick and rock hard. In Addition, It has that Fantastic curve that slopes upward towards his six pack. You know the Type of cock that will hit your sweet spot, compelling Pounds of cum since it massages your prostate absolutely. Our gold Boy flawless skin begins to glisten and his stunning groin goes away And covers his lovely abs. It looks so yummy that Michaels creates a meal He’s Certainly gonna want another shower after this we all know we did.

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