Solo Session – ChaosMen – Mico

I thought I’d start off Dragon Cock Week having a slender hippie-style dude. His appearance isn’t appropriate for everybody, nevertheless, you havekindly give the guy props, he’s packing a few large meat! He’s a pretty major dick, and he discovers perhaps not many guys can shoot it, therefore that I presume he moans with girls to find some good penetration. He told him he’s not looking hard enough to get guys keen to have this process! His appearance is granola also, like I mentioned, hippie-style, ” which is exactly who he is. Conservation, being green, organic, you name it, even if it’s a nature-related cause, it is possible to make certain he can be right into it. Therefore his appearance really meets interests. Mico isn’t bashful about displaying his penis either. He had been hard that he sat down facing the drapes, aching to pull on out his cock to play with. It’s really a significant one, which is without a doubt! He manages it with skill, such as somebody that has spent a great deal of quality time together with it. He showcases it well, therefore it’s wonderful to own a solo which isn’t all motion blur super fast jerk off. As I said, he had been switched on by the getgo, so getting him to nut was quite simple. He could be more than prepared to exchange mouth with a dude, so keep tuned in later this week to observe that ginormous prick in somebody’s mouth!

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