Solo Scene – Helix – In the Grip of Garrett Graves

Lean, mean, Large dicked System Garrett Graves brings jacking off to an Art type in this smolderingly sexy self-love strokathon. This blonde Beefcake has an olympic swimmer’s body along with the enormous penis to match! Worshipping his Incredible appendage With the dedication that a large dick in this way deserves, Garrett takes us His epic jack off travel. The berry and cream fantasy is clad In poor boy briefs, highlighting his perfect complexion and caging A prick that wants to cum and playwith. Following a tempting tease at which the Boy rubs his very own rippling body, Garrett reaches his faking undies And catches for his growing groin. He pulls one of the longest, Thickest, many fabulously veiny dicks we have seen in some time. The opinion Heavy and his stone hard flawlessly round rump will abandon you plump. The boy obviously enjoys his presents and is more pleased to show them off. And retains the other planted firmly up his sexy, hairless, fairly pink Hole with numerous fat fingers. Animalistic and his muscles tense, displaying his fuckable body and Powerful chin. The thick vein beneath the Child’s penis gets fatter, Pumping genetically perfect fuck juice directly from the child’s face as he Garrett runs his palms Over his hot, tacky, cream coated body then licks his hands.

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