Slammer Billy Wild, Dred Scott & Papi Moreno (TitanMen)

Slammer  Billy Wild, Dred Scott & Papi Moreno

The Warden provides Inmate Sunshine (Billy Wild) an orientation into the manners of this Slammer he will never forget. Following some actual shouts, Dred Scott has Correctional Officer Papi Moreno strip the enthusiast captive from the orange prison-issue uniform and at no time Scott’s revealing him that rules the jail by harshly face-fucking a submissive Wild. Pulling his slobbery dick from Wild’s gagging throatScott is shortly unmercifully heap driving Wild because his henchman watches , caring for himself in the procedure. All 3 cum (Scott, well above Wild’s mind ) leaving Wild soaked in a pool of piping hot man juice. )

Billy Wild,” Dred Scott, Papi Moreno

scrin_Slammer  Billy Wild, Dred Scott & Papi Moreno

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