Sex Scene – TitanMen – Muscle Daddies – Liam Knox & Luke Adams

TitanMen exclusive Liam Knox with Luke Adams Arms wrapped around each other from the pool, Liam Knox and Luke Adams kiss because the lumps in their own black jockstraps grind. Luke feasts on Liam’s torso, then gets pushed against a stone as Liam devours his bum. He slaps Luke’s smooth cheek, gripping Luke’s boner because he spits about the sub’s hole. Liam palms him deep, then performs with Luke’s rock-hard penis since he rims him–snapping up it as his own huge dick pulses. Liam wraps his big lips round the jock’s cock. Liam takes the floor out of slapping Luke’s buttocks. Luke palms and munches Liam’s hole, stroking his huge dick before sucking it. Luke fucks him against the stone, Liam’s hard shaft bouncing up

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