Sex Scene – TitanMen – Adam Ramzi And Jack Hunter

Without a working Toilet, Adam Ramzi Employs a piss bucket Facing Construction marijuana Jack Hunter. over. They breath each other, kissing deep until Adam wraps his bearded Lips across Jack’s tool. “Suck that big dick,” yells Jack, directing Adam’s head . Adam gasps for breath following Jack Informs him to “Move all of the way down onto it” Jack defeats his dick on Adam’s Tall smooth jock moving back on his uncut penis. Adam fucks Jack’s face, That the sucker chewing on his foreskin before engulfing his penis . Adam Plants his beard at Jack’s buttocks before ramming him from beneath, both Then shifting positions. “Give me slow,” says Adam, that chooses it deep. He puts on his spinepropping his boner for the best to stroke. Jack fucks a load from Adam, then dumps a sizable wad all over his bearda Wet kiss out it.

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