Sex Scene – NakedSword – Mxxx The Hardest Ride Scene 3 – Johnny V & Gabriel Alanzo

The Men Opt to Wake up Any trouble and Eliminate speeding through The roads of Leander, Texas. Enjoying a cup of java.

Wise man Tom zooms by and yells the Coffee cup from this officer’s hand and its own on! His generic authorities issued automobile and begins chasing the boys their bikes.

Tom ditches him Johnny’s on Gabriel’s ass — literally.

Gabriel Attempts to ditch him personal property but his bicycle stalls, giving Johnny enough time to leap from the vehicle and knock him off his motorcycle. Officer Johnny strong-arms Gabriel about the hood of the car then drag him Supporting a drop in which he teaches him a lesson — a lesson about eating ass and sucking cock.

Johnny sniffles Gabriel’s yells as he destroys his Over the alluring motocross driver’s face.

Nobody makes a fool from “Mr. Johnny!

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