Sex Scene – MenOfMontreal – Gabriel Clark & Alexy Tyler – Pile Driving On The River Bank

A Couple of weeks Back we visited the Cabin of a Lover of Men of Montréal to Shoot a few scenes. It was a Gorgeous day, sunny and hot with a Light breeze across the border of this mighty St-Lawrence River. We believed It’d be a fantastic idea to team up two experienced models and if we Signaled to Gabriel Clark he take Alexy Tyler, and also to Alexy That he take with Gabriel, both were thrilled. Cabin, both were excited about taking a swim in the calm seas and have been Just as excited about becoming nasty together. Both their demands than by getting them to create out from the river…
Even though The men were swimming about, they began getting frisky and boners Began to edge from the water. After playing each other’s prick And balls, then they got into a mutual cock-sucking. The water may Have been somewhat trendy, but matters between these two have been clearly heating up.
Gabriel then challenged his spouse into a race into the pier And the winner are the very best. Can it be Gabriel’s swimming abilities that Were just Alexy’s deliberate desire to serve his bum to This type of power shirt, we do not understand; but Alexy did not appear disappointed in Any means to eliminate the race.Once on the pier, the men actually got moving, It had been Cool to see how both were so careful to each individual’s requirements. They Just seemed to understand what each other needed. They had been in sync. It had been Especially sexy to watch Alexy ride Gabriel’s prick onto the sofa seat, Forth against the pier’s guardrail. At one stage, we were fearful it
Gabriel loves to Heap drive a sexy butt, so it was normal this was how both could Ready up to take. We could see That Alexy was becoming close. So, Gabriel put down him the Floor and proceeded to fuck his butt boy talking dirty to him Was becoming closer and nearer to take. This took Alexy within the border. With Gabriel’s cock in his ass, he published a great thick load. Gabriel did not squander time and started sucking his Alexy’s currently spent But quite sensitive dick, lapping his partner’s white jizz.
Gabriel Subsequently went back to heap driving Alexy’s buttocks for himself prepared to shoot. Past his mind. knob. Then They kissed and swapped the oozing cum from each other’s mouths.
Nicely, chatting nonstop. I am imagining this first experience won’t be Their past.

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