Sex Scene – MenAtPlay – Sextortion Episode part 2 The Trap – Carl Wilde & Steven Daigle

Carl Wilde produces much awaited come back to Menatplay and places a snare for shamed exec Steven Daigle in this stunning Episode. With his company empire at stake it appears every one would like to learn the reality behind the Sextortion scandal and Carl uses his every charm, together with a sneaky camera hidden in his briefcase, to expose the reality. Nevertheless Steven finds his strange behavior and immediately flames him, spotting the very small lens. But rather than throwing out him, he also uses the problem to his own advantage and plays together as a way to receive their own back on Carl. Therefore after fucking the handsome youngman and blowing off his load on him, he catches the bag, destroys the tape and then throws him off on the road without so much as giving him the time to groom.

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