Sex Scene – HardBritLads – Harley Everett And Brandon Jones

Tremendous hung bodybuilder Harley Everett serviced by Superb Athletic young hottie, Brandon Jones, who receives his throat and mouth fucked, arse extended, The sexy daddy and Lad start off to the couch. They remove their shirts, showing Seriously sexy bods. Brandon slides off the couch between Harley’s thighs and down peels his Shorts, allowing his throbbing uncut thick beef spring outside. Brandon grips It in the bottom, opens wide, and begins to suck. He stinks slow, stressful To get as heavy as he can, and makes it nice and moist with loads of spit, Jerking Harley off since he stinks. Brandon Then kneels beside Harley to receive his cock sucked. Harley stinks deep, Playing Brandon’s hole because he stinks. The arm of the couch, with Brandon on his knees between his thighs, and he Provides Harley’s thick meaty dick another sexy sucking. Harley grips Harley reaches the oil and pours it on Brandon’s arched spine, Then leans forward to rub the oil leaning farther to rub it in to his Buttocks lips and tight hole. Harley pushes a finger in All of the way then Then he pushes in 2 Palms, actually stretching Brandon’s hole. Together with his arse prepared, Harley Gets behind Brandon, probes the sexy hole, then pushes . Brandon gasps As he has stuffed by Harley’s thick meaty meat. Harley begins Fucking with long continuous strokes. Both are extremely vocal and it is extreme! Brandon gets into it as Harley fucks him tougher and tougher. Next, His spine Arched, Brandon pushes his arse outside, with Harley standing . Out the way and rams in again. Brandon ardently to plow him challenging. Harley changes the fucking — challenging and Fast, deep and slow — revealing loads of span. To get a Last position, He plunges his dick back for a second punishing arse pounding, again Showing loads of span before beginning to knock him hard. Brandon Reaches his dick and begins to knock off as Harley fucks him hard. It Does not take long. Brandon shoots a Excellent load over his sweaty six pack. He whips the condom off He shoots Thick and powerful, the very first jet sailing above Brandon’s face, then Many more jets of spunk landing black flows over his Cheeks and in his mouth. He pops up the past few drops, excited to Sensational.

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