Sex Scene – FalconStudios – Route 69 – JJ Knight & Fane Roberts

Fane and Dustin stop at night in a road side motel on Route 66. Fane is switched on by his friend’s sexy human body since Dustin gets out into the shower. So if Dustin discusses the sizzling gas channel scenario, Fane becomes completely pumped up and makes up a justification shoot a breather. The slick and sexy hotel director, JJ Knight, listens closely while he fucks Fane together with his eyes. J j is able to observe some possibility to find a few actions and slowly approaches Fane because he pours himself a glass or two and advantages nearer into the sexy hunk. It’s difficult to overlook the large bulge in j j’s trousers so if he pulls his extra manhood out of concealing, Fane is right there to suck on it. JJ’s dick is really large and thick it is hard for Fane to fit the entire thing inside his moutharea. Fane bends up to give up himself into the suspended manager who makes him open and nice and lubed-up having loads of tongue and tongue actions. When j j is convinced he Fane is loose enough to shoot his huge rod, he moves up and slowly slides it deep inside their fresh guest. JJ goes slow and tender in the beginning so if he sees that Fane can be utilised into the dick in him, j j accumulates the pumps and pace Fane’s butt faster and harder. Fane is preparing to receive extended as far as you possibly can and rolls over on his trunk once again to choose the dick even stronger. The huge pole planning and out of him leaves Fane burst with joy since he covers his tummy together with tacky fun. J j sees the wreck and soon follows with lots of their or her own all-over Fane’s spent balls.

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