Sex Scene – FalconStudios – Code of Silence – Sean Zevran & Brandon Evans

Sergeant Sean Zevran comes up Supporting his Weak, Brandon Evans, and Catches his ass. Brandon is removed guard. ‘I see what in this Camp,’ Sean states. ‘I understand you have been slipping out at the Center Of this night to suck off each other.’ Sean pulls Brandon’s pants away and Asks if he enjoys sucking dick. Brandon denies it but after a Berating from Sean, he eventually admits that he does really like sucking dick. Brandon loves every offer. Knows he wants to do whatever Sean wants. The sergeant works Brandon’s ass and finally asks if he’s ready for his dick. Brandon yells out ‘Yes, Seargent!’ Before Sean slips his gigantic member deep inside. Sean is definitely the authority figure to the submissive Brandon, who just wants to please his superior officer. The sergeant isn’t going to finish without having his way. He wants one more position to Genuinely feel Everything that Brandon has to offer you. He gets Brandon on his back and enters the muscle stud to go as deep as he possibly can. The pounding Makes Brandon blow his load all over his very own hot and ripped torso. Sean won’t be left out of the action and pulls out to drop his own load all over Brandon’s well-worked and still heaving body.

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