Sex Scene – ExtraBigDicks – Jessie Alan & Max Gunnar

Boy Jessie Alan and his oversize, sexy dick. complaining. Max is 19 years old and he is from Largo, FL. We’ve Got a sense there may be More going on with both than meets the eye. Hmmm. We requested these Two what their favourite beverages were, alcoholic and alcoholic. Jessie For Max his favorite beverages would be We then wondered exactly what the past Thing they handled themselves to. They came up with exactly the Identical response Using a very wonderful pair of sneakers. Jessie admits he has been with a man That has a much bigger dick than he can. Luckily for Jessie he had been a bottom. Then we asked Max what the ideal penis would look like. He Blushes because he looks over at Jessie who’s smiling ear to ear. To wrap Up things we then asked Jessie to explain the ideal ass. “Not overly Company, not too plump simply directly in the center.” Most probably have a pink Little hole I could elongate open. that request.

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