Sex Scene – ColbysCrew – Cabin Buddies – Part 4 – Colby Jansen, William Moore

In This weekend Cottage retreat for the Men, William Moore has fought to contain his wanton appetite for Colby Jansen’s hunky body. William rushes to creep into Colby’s area, rummages in his bag and retrieves a set of his worn briefs the child then smothers to his head, inhaling the musky and intoxicating manscent emanating in the used underwear.

Having forgotten something, Colby contributes to his chamber and suddenly Interrupts his young friend with a face full of jock short. With a puzzled look on his face, Colby yells as William clarifies and admits with his lusting on him. Colby smiles, drops the towel covering his waist and crotch, and beckons the young stud just to shove the child’s face on his stiffening rod when he is close enough.
After he is done mouthing his hunky Spouse’s thick penis, William moves into place so that he could ride Colby’s hunky meat. The guys are actually getting into the mood while William is Bouncing up and down from Colby’s cock. Colby starts to pound his Boytoy increasingly more harshly, and William rides tougher, groaning with lust. After fucking the child from each angle, Colby gets him all Fours and moves to give him a rim job. To Best things off, Colby then shoves his dick back to the quivering child’s Hole, pounds him harshly while William jacks off. The twink Reacts with a load of their own, developing a bountiful combination of cum Strewn throughout his boy’s gut.

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