Sex Scene – BentleyRace – Bentley Race & Scott Campbell

We did Not Really get Way through the photoshoot before I Shifted over Into the movie camera just in time to grab Scott beginning to suck my dick. I finally handed it over to Zac therefore that I could have both hands free. This impromptu movie ended up occurring on the garden route right It was a very hot afternoon so it was Fantastic for a hot outdoor session, and also my horny partner Scott Campbell Was likely to be my ideal co-star. Scott is cock mad and could not get Enough of sucking mine. Pushed him to all fours so that I could find a better perspective of the blonde Furry buttocks. I had not anticipated to be in this scene, but since it was I As Zac put back to the concrete Have among my finest outdoor fucking sessions. We were just interrupted After by one of the resort cleaners drifting by, otherwise we had been fairly Undisturbed and managed to create this incredibly hot movie. Thanks to Zac for holding the camera and shooting all this.

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