SeanCody – SC1261 – Franklin & Lance

Franklin and Lance had some time to kill before we were ready to start. They ended up meeting up at a restaurant and got to know each other before REALLY getting to know each other!

“So you guys got to hang out a little bit?”

“Yeah,” Franklin responded. “We had couple of beers…”

“…Quesadillas,” Lance finished off.

“Beers and quesadillas and now you’re ready to ‘chill’…”

“Totally straight… he had the Smirnoff Ice. I had the beer.” Franklin joked.

“Oh so does that mean he’s bottoming?” I asked.

“I guess so. Yeah…that’s the deal.” Lance smiled.

And Lance did get fucked, with Franklin’s balls slapping his ass with every thrust. Lance didn’t stop moaning and even grabbed onto Franklin as if he wanted him deeper inside. It was like he had not been fucked in a long time and was really wanting it! Well, he got what he wanted all the way up to Franklin’s huge load of cum!

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