Reflection Apolo Fire & Sebastian Reiss (KristenBjorn)

Reflection  Apolo Fire & Sebastian Reiss

Sebastian Reiss captures a glimpse of himself since he moves the mirror and ceases to reflect on his tough job only as Apollo Fire arises from behind to fortify his pleasure Sebastian’s tough work.   Like so many people we never really see what others may see along with a brief reflection is always beneficial. Apollo starts to caress Sebastian’s perfectly sculpted granite, kissing him on his nape then going into nibble his ear lobes since his palms continue investigating these absolutely pumped muscles. Apollo unfastens Sebastian’s jeans also we all notice his penis can be a manifestation of their hard muscles, also a rock-hard penis requiring attention. Dropping to his knees, Apollo spreads the totally shaped gluteus globes and then darts his tongue deep inside, forcing Sebastian to catch his breath. Sebastian works out and Apollo absorbs his strong penis, Apollo runs his luscious lips up and down on the powerful shaft and pays particular attention for his bulbous head. Apollo is not able to get enough of Sebastian, if it be his penis or his sexy ass, always turning him to get both. Sebastian falls to his knees and then squeezes Apollo’s fat cock to his mouth and down his throat, while Apollo arouses his nipples. Apollo moves into the mattress plus Sebastian jumps on top of him also lowers his smooth butt down on his massive cock. When Apollo’s penis passes Sebastian, Sebastian starts squeezing down hard on his penis. Apollo picks up the speed and provides Sebastian a rapid-fire fuck. Without skipping a beat, Sebastian spins about to receive a different angle and distinct feeling. Within this situation Sebastian releases all of pretenses and enables Apollo to utilize him to get the ultimate in enjoyment. Sebastian flips Apollo and matches his raw buttocks along with his throbbing penis. It is not often that Sebastian gets to that sexy ass and if he does the feeling is so overwhelming, so much so that he loses hands and sucks his creamy load around Apollo’s buttocks. Sebastian re-mounts Apollo’s cock just in time to get his hot load of cum. An expression from the mirror can be quite helpful to your sexual life.

Apolo Fire , Sebastian Reiss

scrin_Reflection  Apolo Fire & Sebastian Reiss

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