RaunchyBastards – Wigger Grooming – Clay, Danny Luca, Patrick Gentry

Patrick is definitely one of my personal favorites, and this is his very first scene. First time on camera, first time with another guy. He lives clear on the other side of the state, so I arranged to meet him half way at a buddy’s house. Luckily for me, that place happened to be extremely close to where Danny Luca lives! I texted Danny that I would be in town and was he free? Danny said that he needed an excuse to get away from his girlfriend, and asked if we could film the newbie a little later than usual. So, Patrick and I hung out waiting on Danny to arrive.

When Danny did arrive, I explained to him that he and I would be initiating Patrick, and we both decided that it would be fun. Patrick knew he had a few scenes with guys coming up if he did well in this casting, but once the cameras were rolling it was apparent that I hadn’t made myself clear. He asked if we were filming a solo. Danny and I started laughing and explained that it was kind of like a solo, but a little more than a solo.

Patrick is a total wigger, and needed the money for a new speaker, a new pair of sneakers, and a new car (in that exact order). He must have a lot of friends to impress if he’s sucking cock for shoes!

Patrick wound up sucking off Danny while I ate him out. He has a sweet asshole, and I love every second of it. Danny thought he was rather good at sucking cock for a newb, too. Since it was late we had Patrick jerk himself off. He had a nice load, and seemed to enjoy the whole thing. His casting went well and he didn’t seem too creeped out at all!

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