RaunchyBastards – Virgin Teen Boyfriend Experience – Randy Vigilante, Clay

Unfortunately, a lot of guys who ply their trade online are jaded. Even if it’s their first time hooking up with a john, they walk into the experience with a chip on their shoulder or a semi-bad attitude. This is why I much prefer first-timers. When a guy is doing it for the first time, at least you have a fifty-fifty chance that he will not be an asshole. Randy, though, was the exact opposite of the worst case scenario. He was all smiles, even downright cheerful about everything. You would have thought he would have been happy to do it for free. I discovered this right away, because once he took his clothes off and he was down to his boxers, he wanted to make out. Rent boys don’t usually go for that kind of thing, and frankly, neither do I. However, it was so cute, and this 19 year old was so fresh, that I went for it.

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