RaunchyBastards – Straight Boys Are Easy – Clay, Noel Worth

Noel had already done a scene with me and Toby, in which he got sucked off and eaten out. He also gave me and Toby handjobs. Even in that scene, he said on camera that he anticipated doing more. Well, he must have appreciated the money, because he didn’t even wait for me to call him first! Within 48 hours he was wondering if there were any other videos he could make ASAP. I told him that no one else was around but me, and that I supposed we could work something out.

He showed up the morning after having spent all day at the beach, and he had quite the sunburn. All that sun really accentuated his bright white bubble butt. Even though he had done a little gay4pay the week before, he was still obviously nervous, so I let him have a cigarette and watch some straight porn. The nice thing about Noel is that he is so confident that he has no problem stripping nude. Those kind of guys are usually the best.

As he got himself hard and jerked off, I got onto the bed next too him and whipped my dick out, too. He had given me a handjob to completion the week before, but I sure was looking forward to getting his teenage mouth on my dick! 19 year old straight boys are my favorites, and my dick was throbbing with anticipation. When the time came, he didn’t hesitate much, and he went right down on it. I managed to get him into a 69, too. Eating out that beautiful pink hole while he was learning how to suck cock was pretty fun!

He knew what was coming next, and he was up for the challenge, but still unsure of what it would feel like having a fattie up his ass. I positioned him doggie style, used lots and lots of lube, and slowly worked my way in. Guys like Noel who have been brought up the old fashioned way don’t bitch and moan much, and he took it like a champ. So much so, that I decided to throw a bunch of different positions in for good measure.

Although it felt fantastic, I could tell he was a virgin. I fucked him pretty rough towards the end, but decided to give the guy a break after all that fucking. Grabbing my camera, I had him hold his legs up in the air and shot my entire load over his freshly fucked blown out hole. He seemed satisfied that it was over, but didn’t act as if anything terrible awful had happened. Unfortunately his dick doesn’t work so well, so he didn’t nut himself. That is fine by me, since I got off. The only thing I was wanting to do after this scene was get him back in for some more, though. He seems like the kind of guy who could be a good bitch bottom in the future.

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