RaunchyBastards – Lawn Work Doesn’t Pay the Bills – Clay, Dave Rollins

I started seeing chatting with this guy a few weeks prior to this vid, and he lived about 40 minutes away. As much as I like plowing a fresh field, it was a busy time of year, so I told him I could either call him a ride sharing service or he could drive himself. Well, his car was in the shop, so he told me to wait. A lot of guys like this want to drive themselves the first hook-up so that they can bolt if something is fishy. I don’t blame them.

Once his car was fixed, he began blowing up my phone. Jeez! I’ve got a life but I suppose 18 year olds are just impulsive and impatient. I told him he’d have to wait a few days but he didn’t relent. So I just told him to come over, but I also told him, that if he did, I’d be putting some raw dick in that virgin teen hole of his. (he was at first only interested in oral). Needless to say, he said yes. I think I must have been the only other guy responding to his texts at that point, or he probably wouldn’t have chosen to get fucked.

When he got to my pad, he was very polite but also seemed to be in a bit of a rush. Fine by me… He and I traded some BJs, and then it came time for his cherry pop. I’m never quite sure if they are telling the truth, but he seemed sincere, and he wasn’t loose. I suspect he was indeed a butt virgin. Not after he left my place that day, though! I fucked him good. Since he is a big guy – well over 6 foot tall with a large frame – he could take a railing, so much so that I even choked him out! I definitely loved the feel of his hole. While I was fucking him he started to whisper “come on, cum” or something like that. I took that to mean that his swollen ass was starting to get a little sore. I also interpreted that to mean that he wanted me to bust in his ass. I usually nut inside them anyways, but it’s always nice to have an invite.

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