Rado Zusila & Mickey Rush

This one was a real doozy, with beautiful faced little cutie – Mickey Rush and handsome , older gent Rado Zusila as our firm – but fair – teacher, and before we even started Rado and I knew where Rado was gonna shoot the creamy weeks worth of cum he’d been saving up ! in Mickey’s handsome, boyish face, YUM! Mickey’s cute in his school uniform but we wanna good look at that sweet little butt and stiff, uncut dick, (there’s not long to wait). Rado makes an impressive teacher – total crush material – filling out his dress trousers in all the right places, tight buns and an impressive, weighty package that has Mickey’s eyes wandering! Mickey’s just turned 20 years old, barely old enough to shave but he knows what he wants and sexy, older gent Rado knows exactly how to deliver it to make Mickey squirm, moan and cum so hard he feels as if he might black-out. Teachers pushes his favourite pet back over the desk and teaches him the real meaning of ‘head-boy’ as he sucks his sweet, young dick to stiff attention, Rado is ready to shoot already but hold on sonny! Rado wants complete access to every hole this willing boy has to offer, he bends him over the desk and gently slides his, dark, uncut dick into Mickey’s almost virginal butt-hole, not gently enough for Mickey, he wants it BAD but its a big length, he doesn’t wanna back down infant of the bossy teacher so grits his teeth and takes it, raw up his sweet bareback hole. Rado pump his boy-hole until Mickey can take no more bent over the desk and on his back, Mickey gazes into his teachers face just knowing how much pleasure his tight hole is giving makes this horny lad ready to squirt. Radio pulls his dripping dick out of Mickey and pushes him to his knees to take aim….

Duration: 20mn 33s 120ms Length: 636 MiB
Video: AVC at 4 063 Kbps, 1280 x 720
Audio: AAC at 256 Kbps, 44.1 KHz

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