Pranksters Part 12 – Dante Colle & Kit Cohen (MEN)

Pranksters Part 12 - Dante Colle & Kit Cohen

Attractive, muscular Dante Colle masterminds a prank where he asks guys for help with his flat tire, but they ask if he has a spare tire, he opens his trunk and shoves the person inside! They drive around for a bit before Dante sets them free, capturing their reaction on film. All of his victims run away as soon as they’re set free, except tall, lean Kit Cohen, who strips down naked, and spreads his ass cheeks wide open while he waits for tattooed Dante to pop the trunk open. Dante is definitely surprised at this sight, and he doesn’t decline blue-eyed Kit’s request to plow into his hole with his big dick.

Dante Colle , Kit Cohen

scrin_Pranksters Part 12 - Dante Colle & Kit Cohen

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