Parker (CorbinFisher)


Parker was a Corbin Fisher enthusiast for many years, and now he is stepping before the camera! He informs Pete how fascinating and it was to arrive at the campus and then walk in to watch Dawson, Connor and Ashley for the very first time. Parker is 23 and functions as a host for an Italian bistro at this time. He likes to swim, hang out with his pals and final summer went! He clarifies he’s somewhat frightened of heights but he still likes to drive himself. Parker’s favourite thing to do during intercourse, but he likes to rim a sexy man’s ass. Parker enjoys jocks and athletic sort of men, particularly clean-cut, all-American men. Of course he is a lover of CF! Parker favors to shirt, also has been with women before. He was not convinced about his sexuality till he had been still a senior in high school, but “it wasn’t like how it’s with a man that I am in.” The very first time Parker had intercourse with a man was when he had been 16 or 17 also it had been with a man he had known for a little while during mutual friends. The man was not outside, but he was Parker’s very first man. Parker pulls his shirt off and reveals his slender, swimmer’s build. He does not float, but he likes to go as far as he could. In addition, he lifts weights three to four times every week to remain fit. When Parker brings down his trousers, he reveals his enormous balls. He says that he receives a great deal of praise about his eyes and grin. He sits down and strokes his penis. Parker plays these enormous nuts because he jerks his penis. He pinches his nipple and strokes his dick. Parker lays back and rubs his torso as he plays himself. Parker keeps jacking till he blows a creamy load in the head of the dick. He squeezes the cum to the rotating shaft and head of the penis. He tells Pete that he had been considering a popular guy he has been fucking. He can say it is distinct jerking off together with cameras – but I still believe Parker will enjoy being on this aspect of things for some time!



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